Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Six Flags Marine World!!!!

Towards the end of the summer, Aaron and I went home to California for a big family river rafting trip! So, of course, we had to make a quick trip to Six Flags! This was Aaron's first time ever meeting SHOUKA, the killer whale!

We started off our amazing day riding all the roller coasters! V2 was our favorite! After a few hours of riding crazy and exhilarating rides, we decided to explore the rest of Marine World. We found the Shark Aquarium, which of course, caught Aaron's attention. We ended up staying with the sharks for a while! (Aaron would have been so happy if we brought our tent and camped out with the sharks all night!)

After watching the tiger show, riding on the swinging boat, and eating an over priced hamburger, we FINALLY made it to the Shouka show!! Shouka was amazing!!!


Being at Six Flags was so amazing! We loved spending time together and exploring new things! Oh, and here is something that will make you laugh :))

(We will post pictures for the river rafting trip soon :))

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Wild Wild West!!

Yesterday we went on an exciting adventure! Titus and Kiyona begged Uncle Aaron to take them horseback riding. After a few phone calls and a few hours of waiting, they both were finally up on a horse for their first time!

Titus rode by himself. He loved it!!

Kiyona decided to ride with me. She loved to trot on the horse!

AND then, the wild adventure started. Up to this point, both the horses were perfect.  Winchester (the horse that Grandpa and Titus were on) decided he didn't want any riders on his back anymore. He dumped them both onto the side of the road. Titus comfortably landed on top of Grandpa. Everyone was ok!

And then our horse started acting up. She decided that she didn't want Kiyona and I on her back anymore either. Sandy started kicking and bucking, but we were lucky enough to hang out and endure the crazy ride.

Overall, the adventure was a TON of fun! My favorite part was when Aaron and I went off and raced our horses. (of course, Aaron was on the faster horse!) We were all true cowboys and cowgirls yesterday!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Fairytale...

Once upon a time...

There was a Utah boy and a California girl that meet in Logan, UT at FHE bowling in August 2010 (yes, going to FHE really does pay off lol). Aaron had just gotten back from South Carolina from summer sales and I had just moved up to Logan. There was a group of us that hung out every night, but Aaron was my closest guy friend at the time. AT the end of October, Aaron decided to hold my hand during a movie and every since then, it just felt natural being together. Our first date was going to a Utah Jazz game (he knew how to win my heart!!!) And then it was family gatherings, friday night dates, many movies, and Aaron's African potatoes! Our relationship started out as being best friends and then, almost naturally, it turned into love :)

We meet in August 2010, our first date was October 28th, we were engaged on February 28th, and married on May 14, 2011! It was a very fun journey and we are excited to spend eternity together!

He was born and raised in Garland, UT. He went to Bear River High School and graduated in 2007. During high school, he played many sports: football, basketball, baseball, track, and tennis! He is a natural born athlete and has excelled in all his sports. His football team won state 3 years while he was in high school! He went to Congo, Africa right after he graduated high school and faithfully served the Lord for 2 years. He loved every minute of it and has a strong desire to serve another mission once we are older. After graduating from high school, he had a football scholarship, but he felt he needed to go to Utah State instead (because he needed to meet me!!) He is studying electrical engineering and really enjoys it. He is a very loving man that never gets mad. Aaron has a very positive outlook on life and loves to make me laugh!

I was born and raised in Loomis, CA. I graduated from Del Oro High School in 2007. I, as well, love sports. I played basketball, soccer, and track, but basketball is my love. After playing four years of Varsity, I went and played college ball at Santa Rosa. I loved it, but after playing there for a year, I realized that it wasn't the type of environment I wanted to be in so I transferred to BYU Provo. And from BYU I transferred to Utah State because of their animal science and vet program. After moving all over, I have finally found my home and I love Logan, UT. I love my husband with all my heart. I love that he makes me laugh. Aaron is truly my best friend. The best part of my day is when im with him.

We are excited about our future together! Its going to be an adventure. We are currently in Medford, OR because Aaron is doing summer sales again this summer. Life is great :)

Ohh but wait... We have one more addition to the family... Her name is Aggie (yes, we are loyal to our school) and she is almost 8 weeks! We got her on our 2 month anniversary :) We truly love her so much!